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If you go onto Google and search for the most hated school subject, maths often comes top of the list. How often do we hear people say that they couldn’t do maths at school, that they found it boring or pointless?

Whilst maths problems can be challenging, as a department we aim to show students that it is definitely not boring or pointless. In their 1998 book “Why do buses come in threes?”, Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham say that “maths doesn’t just answer questions. It also provides new insights and it stimulates curiosity. Gambling, travelling, dating, eating, even deciding whether or not to run when it’s raining, all involve elements of maths.” We aim to spark students’ interest by the regular use of UKMT maths challenges and the UKMT Olympiad mentoring sheets to promote some of the fun and interesting problems to which maths can be applied.

The aim of this blog is to share some of the interesting problems and brain-teasers that can be found online and in books for you to try.


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